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Reasons for differences between the data on this website and other sources

Moments of launch/landing and duration of flight.

I gather superfluity of information - all the three parts of composition. Then the computer calculate judging by the moments of launch and landing the duration and compare it with the duration put inside independently. If there in disagreements, the facts are overlooking more carefully and the source of the mistake is being looked for. Such checking lets me hope that my facts are rather safe.

There is one note. If the moment of launch is clear - this is moment of vehicle leaving of the launch pad, but there are some difficulties with the moment of landing. For example, as for landing of Space Shuttle one consider the moment of landing is when chassis touch the land, the other - the moment of full stopping. I tried to use the second variant (full stop). And that is a reason why there may be other less durations of flights.

Duration of flight is calculated as difference between the moments of landing and launch, but having changing these moments into UTC (Universal Time)

Number of the astronaut.

I calculate the number of the astronaut the following way. If an astronaut starts for the first time and makes even one revolution (orbit), I give him the next number. Other words I give to an astronaut the next number after the moment of lift-off and if he made at least one revolution (orbit). The is very important. That is why Shepard and Grissom have numbers 48 and 16 (and not 2 and 3).

If you take into account suborbital flights then you must consider as astronauts all members of the program X-15 (USA)!

By the way, there is some confusion with numeration of astronauts. I discussed this problem with Aleksandr Zheleznyakov and he confirmed my worst anxieties that there is such problem. That is why I've taken my personal numeration I told you of it high.

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