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Total duration of flights by women from different countries

Country Man-
of all flights
Percent of
the world
1 Canada 3 33d.13h.17m. 0.85
2 China 2 27d.05h.55m. 0.69
3 France 2 25d.14h.25m. 0.65
4 Italy 1 199d.16h.43m. 5.08
5 Japan 3 38d.18h.30m. 0.99
6 Korea 1 10d.21h.14m. 0.28
7 Russia/USSR 6 368d.08h.23m. 9.38
8 USA 119 3215d.15h.10m. 81.87
9 United Kingdom 1 7d.21h.14m. 0.20
Total : 138 3927d.14h.45m. 99.99

Remark: full duration of man-flights is presented in above table for the moment 00h.00m. UTC December 14, 2016,
including duration for astronauts being in space flight at that moment, but except for:

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