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Astronauts who walked on the Moon (in chronological order)

Name Date of death Spacecraft Country
1 Armstrong, Neil Alden Aug 25, 2012 Apollo-11 USA
2 Aldrin, Edwin Eugene, Jr.
Apollo-11 USA
3 Conrad, Charles Peter, Jr. Jul 08, 1999 Apollo-12 USA
4 Bean, Alan Lavern
Apollo-12 USA
5 Shepard, Alan Bartlett, Jr. Jul 21, 1998 Apollo-14 USA
6 Mitchell, Edgar Dean Feb 04, 2016 Apollo-14 USA
7 Scott, David Randolph
Apollo-15 USA
8 Irwin, James Benson Aug 08, 1991 Apollo-15 USA
9 Young, John Watts
Apollo-16 USA
10 Duke, Charles Moss, Jr.
Apollo-16 USA
11 Cernan, Eugene Andrew
Apollo-17 USA
12 Schmitt, Harrison Hagan
Apollo-17 USA

Remark: I have provided you with dates of death for astronauts because of many absurd bruits around moon expeditions.

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