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20 longest human flights (descended order)

Name Spacecraft Duration of flight Country
1 Polyakov, Valeri Vladimirovich Soyuz-TM18 437d.17h.59m. USSR
2 Avdeyev, Sergei Vasilyevich Soyuz-TM28 379d.14h.52m. Russia
3 Manarov, Musa Khiramanovich Soyuz-TM 4 365d.22h.39m. USSR
4 Titov, Vladimir Georgiyevich Soyuz-TM 4 365d.22h.39m. USSR
5 Kelly, Scott Joseph Soyuz-TMA16M 340d.08h.43m. USA
6 Korniyenko, Mikhail Borisovich Soyuz-TMA16M 340d.08h.43m. Russia
7 Romanenko, Yuri Viktorovich Soyuz-TM 2 326d.11h.38m. USSR
8 Krikalyov, Sergei Konstantinovich Soyuz-TM12 311d.20h.01m. USSR
9 Polyakov, Valeri Vladimirovich Soyuz-TM 6 240d.22h.35m. USSR
10 Atkov, Oleg Yuriyevich Soyuz-T10 236d.22h.50m. USSR
11 Solovyov, Vladimir Alekseyevich Soyuz-T10 236d.22h.50m. USSR
12 Kizim, Leonid Denisovich Soyuz-T10 236d.22h.50m. USSR
13 Lopez-Alegria, Michael Eladio Soyuz-TMA9 215d.08h.23m. USA
14 Tyurin, Mikhail Vladislavovich Soyuz-TMA9 215d.08h.23m. Russia
15 Lebedev, Valentin Vitalyevich Soyuz-T 5 211d.09h.05m. USSR
16 Berezovoy, Anatoli Nikolayevich Soyuz-T 5 211d.09h.05m. USSR
17 Budarin, Nikolai Mikhailovich Soyuz-TM27 207d.12h.52m. Russia
18 Musabayev, Talgat Amangeldiyevich Soyuz-TM27 207d.12h.52m. Kazakhstan
19 Virts, Terry Wayne, Jr. Soyuz-TMA15M 199d.16h.43m. USA
20 (w) Christoforetti, Samantha Soyuz-TMA15M 199d.16h.43m. Italy

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