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Increase of astronaut's EVA durations

Name New
1 Leonov, Aleksey Arkhipovich 00h.12m. Mar 18, 1965
2 White, Edward Higgins II 00h.36m. Jun 03, 1965
3 Cernan, Eugene Andrew 02h.07m. Jun 05, 1966
4 Gordon, Richard Francis, Jr. 02h.08m. Sep 14, 1966
5 Aldrin, Edwin Eugene, Jr. 02h.29m. Nov 12, 1966
6 Armstrong, Neil Alden
Aldrin, Edwin Eugene, Jr.
02h.32m. Jul 21, 1969
7 Conrad, Charles Peter, Jr.
Bean, Alan Lavern
03h.56m. Nov 19, 1969
8 Shepard, Alan Bartlett, Jr.
Mitchell, Edgar Dean
04h.48m. Feb 05, 1971
9 Scott, David Randolph
Irwin, James Benson
06h.33m. Jul 31, 1971
10 Scott, David Randolph
Irwin, James Benson
07h.12m. Aug 01, 1971
11 Young, John Watts
Duke, Charles Moss, Jr.
07h.23m. Apr 22, 1972
12 Cernan, Eugene Andrew
Schmitt, Harrison Hagan
07h.37m. Dec 12, 1972
13 Thuot, Pierre Joseph
Hieb, Richard James
Akers, Thomas Dale
08h.29m. May 13, 1992
14 Voss, James Shelton
(w) Helms, Susan Jane
08h.56m. Mar 11, 2001

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