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The world's first 20 humans in space

Name Spacecraft Country
1 Gagarin, Yuri Alekseyevich Vostok-1 USSR
2 Titov, German Stepanovich Vostok-2 USSR
3 Glenn, John Herschel, Jr. Friendship 7 USA
4 Carpenter, Malcolm Scott Aurora 7 USA
5 Nikolayev, Andriyan Grigoryevich Vostok-3 USSR
6 Popovich, Pavel Romanovich Vostok-4 USSR
7 Schirra, Walter Marty, Jr. Sigma 7 USA
8 Cooper, Leroy Gordon, Jr. Faith 7 USA
9 Bykovsky, Valeri Fyodorovich Vostok-5 USSR
10 (w) Tereshkova, Valentina Vladimirovna Vostok-6 USSR
11 Komarov, Vladimir Mikhailovich Voskhod-1 USSR
12 Feoktistov, Konstantin Petrovich Voskhod-1 USSR
13 Yegorov, Boris Borisovich Voskhod-1 USSR
14 Belyaev, Pavel Ivanovich Voskhod-2 USSR
15 Leonov, Aleksey Arkhipovich Voskhod-2 USSR
16 Grissom, Virgil Ivan Gemini- 3 USA
17 Young, John Watts Gemini- 3 USA
18 McDivitt, James Alton Gemini- 4 USA
19 White, Edward Higgins II Gemini- 4 USA
20 Conrad, Charles Peter, Jr. Gemini- 5 USA

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