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Spacecraft "Apollo-8"

Registration number 1968-118A / 03626
Time and date of launch (UTC) 12h.51m.00s.   December 21, 1968
Launch site Cape Canaveral, LC 39-A
Launch vehicle Saturn-5
Spacecraft mass (kg) 43670
Orbital parameters:
   - inclination (degrees) 32.5
   - period (minutes) 88.2
   - perigee (km) 184
   - apogee (km) 185
Time and date of landing (UTC) 15h.51m.42s.   December 27, 1968
Place of landing 8.10 N; 165.0 W, miss distance 2.6 km (Pacific Ocean)
Duration 6d.03h.00m.42s.
Distance (km) 0.93 million
Number of revolutions around Earth 1.5
Summary Testing of the CSM in lunar orbit. First fly of the man around the Moon. Duration of being at lunar (selenocentric) orbit was 20h.07m.

Status Main Backup Reserved
1 Cdr Borman, Frank Frederick Armstrong, Neil Alden Brand, Vance DeVoe
2 CMP Lovell, James Arthur, Jr. Aldrin, Edwin Eugene, Jr. Mattingly, Thomas Kenneth II
3 LMP Anders, William Alison Haise, Fred Wallace, Jr. Carr, Gerald Paul
Call sign Apollo 8

Date Time (UTC) Spaceship's revo-
lution number
Dec 21, 1968 12:51:00
Lift-off spacecraft "Apollo-8"   (crew: Borman,   Lovell,   Anders ).
Dec 21, 1968 15:41:37
S-IVB second burn ignition (for translunar orbit)
Dec 21, 1968 15:46:55
Engine cutoff
Dec 21, 1968 16:11:59
Separation of CSM from Saturn-IVB
Dec 23, 1968 20:29
Dec 24, 1968 09:59:20
Lunar orbit insertion ignition
Dec 24, 1968 10:03:27
Engine cutoff
Dec 25, 1968 06:10:16
Transearth injection ignition (SPS)
Dec 25, 1968 06:13:40
Engine cutoff
Dec 27, 1968 15:19:48
Command and Service Modules (CM/SM) separation
Dec 27, 1968 15:37:12
Dec 27, 1968 15:51:42
Splashdown of spacecraft "Apollo-8"   (crew: Borman,   Lovell,   Anders ).

Source: Apollo By The Numbers, 1996 by © Richard W. Orloff
(used with permission)

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