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Cargo spacecraft "Progress-27"

Registration number 1987-005A / 17299
Time and date of launch (UTC) 06h.06m.    January 16, 1987
Launch site Baikonur, LC 1
Launch vehicle Soyuz U2
Mass (kg) 7000
Orbital parameters:
   - inclination (degrees) 51.6
   - period (minutes) 89.0
   - perigee (km) 183
   - apogee (km) 263
Time and date of entry ignition (UTC) 15h.16m.    February 25, 1987
Duration 40d.09h.
Distance (km)
Number of revolutions around Earth 638
Summary Delivery of cargo to the orbital station "Mir"  

Date Time (UTC) Spaceship's revo-
lution number
Station's revo-
lution number
Jan 16, 1987 06:06:23 1 Mir:5214 Lift-off cargo "Progress-27" .
Jan 18, 1987 07:26:50 34 Mir:5247 Docking of "Progress-27"   to aft (aggregative) unit of station "Mir" .
Feb 05, 1987 21:38:16 1 Mir:5540 Lift-off spacecraft "Soyuz-TM2"   (crew: Romanenko,   Laveykin ).
Feb 07, 1987 23:27:40 34 Mir:5573 Docking of spacecraft "Soyuz-TM2"   (crew: Romanenko,   Laveykin ) to fore (transitional) unit of orbital complex "Mir"   - "Progress-27" .
Feb 23, 1987 11:29:01 604 Mir:5817 Undocking of "Progress-27"   from aft (aggregative) unit of orbital complex "Mir"   - "Soyuz-TM2" .
Feb 25, 1987 15:16:45 639 Mir:5851 Deorbit burn of "Progress-27" .
Feb 25, 1987 16:05 639 Mir:5851 End of existence of "Progress-27" .

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