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Some words about myself...

I was born on the 7th of August in 1954 at 17 minutes past 2 a.m. Moscow Decree Time (Greenwich + 3h) (so I became a Leo and Blue Horse at the same time). My weight was 3650 grams. It happened in the first maternity hospital of Kursk which is situated in Lenin street (by the way both my children were born there too). My parents say that I was a great crier, I didn't let them sleep a minute.

I spend my childhood and boyhood over the small crossing Kursk river Tuskar, in the street which has been called Verkhnyaya Naberezhnaya (Upper Quay) then Sergievskaya-3 and since 1918 the name has been changed into the Aristarkhova street. I lived in a quarter between the streets Vesyolaya (Merry street) and Mirnaya (Peace street), so I couldn't but remember very famous songs by Yuri Antonov. But the Kursk government decided to change the name of the Merry street to the Zelenko street it seems if we have not enough Suvorov or Industrial streets in a great amount ! The basic street entertainments were the following: riding the bicycle, hiking and fishing.

I began to read in early days and I already wore glasses on the first form. In 1961 (the year of the first cosmic flight by Yury Gagarin) I entered the first form of Kursk secondary school number 32 and I graduated from it in 1971. I studied not bad, there was only one good mark, which didn't let me get a gold medal after school. My tutor was even more disappointed than me. I studied at special "chemical" class for the two last years and I twice took part in Chemical all-Union Olympiads, but without great success. This interest made my choice.

After school I entered chemical faculty of the Moscow State University which was based by famous russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov in 1755. More than 6 persons claimed to one place, but I managed to become that one. In 1976 I successfully maintained my diploma work with the topic "The calculation of torsion vibration levels and its application to investigation of internal rotation in glyoxal and diacetyl molecules" at the molecule spectroscopy laboratory of the faculty. I had personal computing time on powerful computer (of course, in seventeenth years) BESM-6 in the USSR Academy of Science Computing Centre, which is situated not far from the famous Moscow Department Store in Lenin avenue in Moscow. Very few people can praise of it that time.

After the University I was sent to All-Union Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, which is situated in the Moscow suburb. And I had been working as an engineer in the laboratory of spectroscopy and mass-spectrometry. My main job was technical support of equipment (IR- and UV-spectrometers and later vacuum part of mass spectrometers), software-developing for different calculations. It was a wonderful time because mass-spectrometer let me see isotopes of the elements!!!

After my mother's death I had to move to Kursk in 1981. And as far as nobody needed my profession or somebody did but paid very little, I change my profession. I worked as technologist at the tool department of the Kursk plant SCHETMASH. First I organised the section and brought into action the technical process of galvanoplastics. And after finishing that work I was moved to another section, a section of CNC-machines. I have been working there for 12 years managing not only my basic work but making my personal software to automate the process of preparing of technological programs for the CNC-machines. It's quite natural that the second part of my work was being made only thanks to my enthusiasm, but that was so wonderful when the machine do complicated details according to program you had written!

After the death of the chief of tool department it began to break down first because of the change of the head and than because of the crisis in economy. I couldn't bear it and left the plant.

Since that time (1994) I worked as a programmer in the Kursk branch of the stock company CenterTelecom, now as leading engineer.

After the pneumonia I had at the end of 70-s I decided that I would never take medicines. Since that time I drank medicine and took vaccinations at least about 10 times (for 20 years) and in most cases under administrative pressure. I have such an oddity. I cure headache by sleeping and toothache by going to the dentist.

I like humour in all its demonstrations. It may be cartoon or a comedy. As for the modern literature, I'm fond of the fairy-tale "About Fedot-shot, a brave man" by Leonid Filatov and also his parodies, one-string poems by Vladimir Vishnevsky and gariki by Igor Guberman.

I'm interesting in everything around me - nuclear physics, some branches of medicine, some branches of mathematics and linguistics. And lately crazy about astronomy and astronautics (thanks to Great Internet!).

As a result this page appeared.

That's all. Thanks for your attention!

Alexander Anikeev,    
Kursk, October 26, 1998    

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